Zhule, an original painting by June Wayne
Zhule, an original painting by June Wayne



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36 x 25¼ in. (91.4 x 64.1 cm)

Painting / Mixed Media

Acrylic with sand and stone additives on paper marouflaged onto canvas with gesso and gelatin

Titled, dated, and signed in ink on the reverse: Zhule '84 / ©

Year: 1984

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Canvas constructed by Douglass Howell; previously painted as Black Byte

Neuberger Museum of Art, 1997 (illus.); Fresno Art Museum, 1988; Armstrong Gallery, 1984; MB Abram Galleries, 2018

The title refers to Jules Langsner, Los Angeles art critic and close friend of Wayne. The surface of the painting, with its sand and stone additives, pressed onto the canvas, provide a surface which is constantly changing depending upon the light and angle of view. This surface shares similarities with the much larger scale Djuna, created in the same year.