Grand Vague Bleue

Grand Vague Bleue, a tapestry by June Wayne
Grand Vague Bleue, a tapestry by June Wayne

Grand Vague Bleue


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106 X 73 in. (269.2 x 185.4 cm)


Cotton, wool, and wool with additional fibers

EA 1 (two examples extant)

Year: 1974

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Cartoon designed by June Wayne; tapestry bears artist's signature woven in lower left corner

Woven by Giselle Glaudin-Brivet (born 1943) at Atelier Giselle Glaudin-Brivet, Aubusson. This tapestry revisits an image Wayne created in both painting and lithography in 1972.

Daquin and Thomas, 1976 (illus.); West, 1975 (cover illus.); Kester, December 1974 (cover illus.); Art Institute of Chicago, 2010

Wayne created the image of the blue tidal wave in three media and at three very different scales: a lithograph thirty inches high, a painting seventy—two inches high, and a tapestry eighty—six inches high. She was exploring the effect of scale on the impact of an image and concluded that the extremes of small and large scale held more power than life-size images. (Source: The Art of Everything, Robert Conway, 2007)