Distant Black Action

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Distant Black Action_sm.jpg

Distant Black Action


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36 x 36 x 2 3/4 in (92 x 92 x 7 cm)

Painting / Mixed Media

Acrylic, styrene and lithograph on mahogany panel

Signed in silver ink, lower right of central panel: Wayne; titled, dated, and signed in ink on the reverse: Distant Black Action / © 1989 all rights / reserved June Wayne

Year: 1989

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Neuberger Museum of Art, 1997 (illus.); Fresno Art Museum, 1995; Pasadena Museum of California Art, 2014; MB Abram Galleries, 2018

Weisberg, 1990 (cover illus.)

Distant Black Action continues Wayne's experiments with combinations of painted and printed surfaces established with the four groups of litho/paint collages begun the previous year (Ankerite, Scannerite, Scanador. and Empyrealite) (Source: The Art of Everything, Robert Conway, 2007)

In this work, and its companion piece, "Distant White Action", Wayne explores the forces of outer space and the origins of the universe, a principal focus of her attention from 1965 onward.