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30 x 30 in. (76.2 x 76.2 cm.)

Painting / Mixed Media

Acrylic, styrene and silver leaf on mahogany panel

May be hung in any direction. Titled, dated, and signed in ink on the reverse: © 1989

Year: 1989

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Pasadena Museum of California Art, 2014; MB Abram Galleries, 2018

Panel constructed by Lucius Hudson

Bei is one of eight black, silver, and gold styrene paintings that can be hung together with three of its mates in a diagonal orientation as a tessellation of four diamonds creating a large square. With Am and Ente, it forms the word "Ambeiente."

These eight modular works—they are composed of styrene modules individually shaped by the artist and act as modules themselves within a larger configuration—represent the further evolution of Wayne's career—long involvement with ambiguity of scale, changes in perception through time and space, and the transfer of energy. We cannot determine exactly how large a space these images represent. As we change our position in front of them, the light reflecting off the irregular styrene surfaces changes. As one painting bumps up against its neighbor, the frequency of the signal, the “bustle” of particles in constant movement, changes. (Source: The Art of Everything, Robert Conway, 2007)